Book Review: Fully Involved

Author: Erin Dutton
Title: Fully Involved
Call no: DUT
Genre: Fiction

When firefighter Jimmy Grant dies in a hotel fire, his partner Reid Webb feels guilty for his death and wishes to care for his young son Chase whom he left behind. But Reid is forced to face her past when Jimmy’s younger sister Isabel returns to town for Chase.

Since she was a little girl, Isabel has always resented the close friendship between her brother and Reid. Jimmy frequently ignored his sister whenever Reid came around to play and one day Isabel had an accident after being left behind. Now years later when she returns to town after receiving news of her brother’s death, her resentment for Reid grows stronger. Isabel feels that none of this would have happened if Jimmy did not follow Reid’s dream of being a firefighter.

After being newly promoted to Captain to replace Jimmy, Reid not only faces problems from a young male subordinate, she also have to deal with her grief for Jimmy and the never forgotten feelings for Isabel since high school. Understanding the need for Isabel to know her nephew better since they will have to live together and leave the town, Reid offers to help her even though it is a really bad idea.

In the midst of it all, Isabel finds herself attracted to Reid despite the existing resentment. How will Isabel come to terms with the conflicting feelings she has? Will Reid finally voices her feelings or keep them inside forever? Can a happy ending be possible for these two with their complicated pasts?

Source: PPC volunteer L. L.