Book Review: Last Boy

Title: Last Boy
Author:  Ng Yi-Sheng
Call No.: NG

Review: This whimsical collection evinces fascinating sleights of hand in its metaphoric associations. Ng distinguishes himself with a wide-ranging erudition and cultural acumen, invoking the arcana of every field from mythology to mathematics, literature to kinesiology, to make his subtle observations about the intricacies of urban culture and the nature of contemporary relationships. Wit and irony abound, as the poet displays his dexterity in word-play, whether this assumes the form of puns, alliteration, exploration of semantics and etymology, or the sheer delight that comes from wildly original conjugations of imagery and conceits. In each, the leitmotifs take dazzling flight before landing on an epiphanic coda. Read and be bowled over.
Source: Dr. K K Seet, Singapore, 2006