Book Review: People Like Us

Authors: Eds Joseph Lo and Huang Guoqin
Title: People Like Us
Call No: 305.906 LO

This bold and insightful book provides a unique glimpse into the world of sexual minorities in Singapore. Various gay related issues have been included such as identity, culture, religion, rights, responsibilities, theatre etc. … as well as lighter topics such as what it means to be a “potato queen”, a gay Asian male who prefers gay Caucasian male, in Singapore. These thoughts are not only discussed from an academic point of view, but more importantly, also as experienced by the ordinary gay person. In short, it gives a perspective on what it means to be gay in Singapore at the turn of the millennium.

This is a must-have book for all who are interested in the development of civil society in Singapore as well as in the increasingly visible sexual minority culture in Singapore, and its interface with the establishment.

Source: Summary of the book