Book Review: The Funny Thing is…

Author: Ellen DeGeneres
Title: The Funny Thing is…
Call no: DEG
Genre: Humor

The funny thing is… whatever Ellen mentioned in this book about all the small and not so small things in life are definitely something you would have thought about at one point or another.

Her second comedy book offers more insight on situations such as:
1. Why being in prison isn’t too bad – you don’t have to decide what to wear, you get free food, the guards tell you when to do everything so you will never be late or early for an appointment. How punctual!
2. Understanding the art of gift exchange – if it’s the thought that counts, your friend would open your gift to find an already wrapped gift ready to be given right away so you essentially gifted some free hours not spent on shopping for a gift. A novelty gift indeed!

Many more funny bits will be left for you to discover because half the fun is in reading them!

Be warned though, reading this book while you’re out in the public will definitely warrant some strange looks from others. It is just their loss that they are missing out on the jokes that made you laugh out loud uncontrollably more often than not! You’ll definitely laugh harder if you think about how you look like a crazy loony laughing at a book titled ‘The funny thing is…’!

Sometimes we just need a good dose of laughter to start the day in a great mood or to end the day on the right note. Why don’t you get started with this read? Have fun laughing!

Source: PPC volunteer L. L.