Book Review: The Men with the Pink Triangle

Author: Heinz Heger
Title: The Men with the Pink Triangle
Call No: 940.547 HEG

For decades history ignored the Nazi persecution of gay people. Only with the rise of the gay movement in the 1970’s did historians finally recognize that homosexuals, like Jews and others deemed “undesirable,” suffered enormously at the hads of the Third Reich.

Of the few gay men who survived the concentration camps, only one ever came forward to tell his story. The Men With the Pink Triangle is his account of those nightmarish years. Providing an important introduction to a long-forgotten chapter of gay history, the book tells the true story of an Austrian man, because of the persecution that continued when he first broke his silence in 1971, chose to remain anonymous. He related his experiences to the German writer Heinz Heger.

Source: Summary of the book