Book Reviews: Sheridan’s Fate

Title: Sheridan’s Fate
Author: Gun Brooke
Call Number: BRO

Review: Set in San Antonio, Texas, Sheridan’s Fate brilliantly describes one woman’s fight to regain control of her body and her life, after a life-threatening illness. Sheridan Ward is head of San Antonio’s largest business conglomerate, Ward Industries. She is used to controlling everything and everyone in her life. Now, an illness has left her confined to a wheelchair, and it is dubious that she will ever regain control of her legs. Sheridan has fired one physical therapist after the other. Now, Lark Mitchell has reluctantly agreed to work with her.
Lark is determined to help Sheridan regain every ounce of independence that she can. Independence means Sheridan must learn to dress herself, move from the wheel chair to her bed, practice walking, to swim, and to do many other things. It also means that Sheridan must stretch her personal limits, and she must trust Lark.
Both Lark and Sheridan are wonderfully attractive, charismatic characters. As they work together, they are drawn toward each other in ways that challenge all of Lark’s personal ethics. Sheridan’s fire and Lark’s warm embers are enough to make this book sizzle.
Brooke, however, has gone beyond the wonderful emotional exploration of these characters to tell the story of those who, for various reasons, become differently-abled. Whether it is a bullet, an illness, or a problem at birth, many women and men find themselves in Sheridan’s situation. Her courage and Lark’s gentleness and determination send this romance into a “must read.”

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