Pelangi Pride Centre: Mental Health Series #4

Come join us in a session on Learning About Sexual Minority Affirmative Therapy by Dr Maha Y. See and Eileena Lee, the last of the four-parts Mental Health Series.

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Venue: Physical
Date and time: 4th February 2023 (Saturday, 3:30pm – 5:30pm)

For this event, it will be a dialogue with our two speakers Dr Maha and Eileena on Eileena’s journey of ‘becoming’ a counsellor while integrating her own lived experiences and reflecting on the LGBTQ+ community she has dedicated to the past two decades. Through this dialogue, the audience will be able to learn what affirmative therapy means from an evidence-based psychological services perspective, as well as become educated consumers and advocates to access psychological services that not only ‘do no harm’ but celebrate our LGBTQ+ community members, families and allies.

Details about speakers:
Maha Y. See (PsyD in Clinical Psychology) has been in the mental health field since 2006, working with people from across the globe. His practice has focused on healing trauma of vulnerable and marginalised individuals such as refugees, survivors of violence, and sexual minorities.
Eileena Lee (M. Counselling) is the co-founder of Pelangi Pride Centre and a counsellor at the T Project. She has served the LGBTQ+ community in Singapore for over two decades. She has the empathy to connect with individuals from different age groups, cultures and backgrounds. As a sexual minority, Eileena provides gender-informed, trauma-informed and LGBTQ-affirmative counselling services from a person-centered perspective.