Review – ‘Self-Compassion in Sexual Minorities’

The second event in the mental health series was held on 20 Aug as a Zoom session. Presented by Chin Chuan Fei (Master of Counselling, DPhil), attendees were encouraged to take part in simple breathing exercises at the start. That helped to build an appropriate headspace for the session so as to better understand what it means to be compassionate to oneself even at that moment.

Thoughtful insights and questions were shared during the session, with additional key takeaways and resources shared by Chuan Fei afterwards. The Queer Mental Health Workbook by Dr Brendan J Dunlop was one such resource shared, with a copy donated to us by Chuan Fei.

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Some audience members shared the following experiences with us:

Most liked elements of the event: “Q&A session; discussion and ideas that participants shared; the self-compassion practices”

Key takeaway: “The joy of self-compassion; protecting oneself through picking your own battles; the need to work together; having self-compassion leads to connection with others”

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