Saturday, 10 May 08: Documentaries Screening- "Trembling before God" and "Rene's Story"


Documentaries screening
“Trembling before God” and “Rene’s Story”
1) Trembling before God (84mins)
http://en.wikipedia .org/wiki/ Trembling_ Before_G- d

2) Rene’s Story (77mins)
Rene, 31, a female-to-male gender reassignment candidate took hormones for years and “passed” as a man for all of his adult life. Married to his high-school sweetheart, Wona, a heterosexual woman, for 12 years, no one would guess Rene was biologically a woman. Living under a veil of secrecy and lies, Rene and Wona’s lives seemed fine until someone “outted” the couple at their beloved church and everything they knew was destroyed. The public revelation of Rene’s secret starts to unravel his marriage to Wona. Through all of it, Rene continues to hold on to his lifelong obsession to become a biological male and goes
on a cross-country search to find the best transgender surgeon, only to discover that the current surgery options are flawed. At the last minute, Rene finds a surgeon who has created an experimental procedure, which will be seen in THE OPPOSITE SEX for the first time.

As this event is by invitation only, prior registration is required. To sign up, please email [pelangipridecentre at yahoo dot com] to RSVP with your name, contact number and the name/s of your guests.
Date: 10 May 2008 (Sat)
Time: 4pm
Venue: Pelangi Pride Centre – 54 Rowell Road (in Little India)

Cost: $6 (cost of 2 soft drinks and finger food)
Directions to the new PPC:

Come into Hindoo Road from Jalan Besar. Look for tall HDB block 639 at the end of the road. Corner terrace house with grapevines growing. Come in from the back door.