We have a new look

As a volunteer-run group since 2003, PPC is thankful for all the wonderful folks who have helped us out in-person and virtually in countless ways. Last year, we were offered help to give our identity a new look and we took that on. This Pride Month, we are happy to share with everyone our new logo done by Ronnette!

PPC New Look

Design Thought Process

  • Hexagonal shape: Based on the theory of six degrees of separation in which any two people can be connected in a maximum of six steps
  • Color palette: Subtle pastel colours of rainbow flag to represent friendliness, hope and openness
  • Font: New Baskerville is an easy to read font used in printed reading materials

We particularly like this logo for its colour scheme continuity with our earlier logo, the idea of six degrees of separation, and the inviting font. May this logo bring you a breath of fresh air as it did for us!

We also like to confess that the past year has been a challenge for PPC. To continue offering support beyond our usual weekly physical presence (before COVID-19), zoom sessions were hosted for people to connect in a chill and non-judgmental environment.

Seeing as reopening our physical space will continue to be challenging, we are looking to grow our online presence! If you are interested in helping us with this, you can DM us on Instagram (@pelangipridecentre), Facebook or email us (pelangipridecentre@yahoo.com).