Your FAQs answered :)

Hi all

Thanks to everyone who has popped by PPC@DYMK the last 2 Saturdays to hang out and chill with us 🙂 We are also glad that there have been new users of the library, we hope you have a good time exploring our collection!

To address some of your FAQs:

1) Does PPC loan books out?
YES! We do 🙂 Just pass us your details and a $10 book deposit (you can take 2 books out for 2 weeks – so that’s $20 book deposit) and when you return the books in 2 weeks time, we return you your $20 (in short, it’s free if you return the books, PLEASE return the books so that our collection doesn’t deplete!)

2) What if I return my books late?
Just a $2 fine (per book) for each week you are late. We use the funds to purchase plastic wrap, labels and to patch books. No, it doesn’t come into our pockets!

3) Where can I find your library catalogue?
Visit to navigate our library catalogue (yes just like a “regular” library).

4) What are PPC’s operating hours?
Saturdays, 4-8pm, we would love to open during other hours but being volunteer- run it’s hard to get the manpower to staff the library during the week.

5) How can I help?
Donate $ to help with the running of PPC, we take any amount of $! The $ will be used to purchase new books as well as to offset our operating costs such as patching books, upgrading our computer system and so on, we are also always on the lookout for volunteers so if you can spare a Saturday a month, please let us know!

6) How can I contact PPC?
Email us at

Take care everyone and see you on the 20th!
The PPC Team

PS: Don’t forget to sign up for our upcoming event on the 2nd Saturday of October – Leona Lo will be at PPC!