Book Review: Peculiar Chris

Title:        Peculiar Chris
Author:    Johann S. Lee
Call No.:    LEE

Review: An interesting and perceptive account of a young man’s life dealing with contemporary issues, at the time, of life in Singapore. Beautifully written, poignant and reminiscent of a time, which meant much to the writer. All young gay men from around the world can relate to this book. It is a book for romantics. Although some issues in the novel are dealt with innocently and naiively, it is part and parcel of the charm of this young writers understanding,at the time, which makes this novel so much more heartfelt. Although many issues have changed over the years, we learn to appreciate the influences the writer was under at the time, and not only learn about his characters, which are colourful and diverse, but we gain a small insight to the writer himself.
Source: Reader’s Review.

This 2nd edition is released in 2019 under Math Paper Press