Book Review: So You Want To Be A Lesbian?

Authors: Liz Tracey and Sydney Pokorny
Title: So You Want To Be A Lesbian?
Call No: 646.7 TRA

So you’ve heard that lesbians are chic, hot, and the ‘next big thing’ but you still wonder what is all the fuss about a Middle Eastern country?  Well, So You Want to be a Lesbian?’

is here to rescue America from its confusion.  It is the essential travel guide to the Sapphic landscape, illustrating key terms, “coming out” [how to do it without your aunt collapse in the strudel], and much more.  A mix of history, culture, little-known facts about the lesbian nation [hint: don’t look for it in an atlas], and dating tips for the confirmed, the soon-to-be-out, and the just-plain-curious, So You Want to Be a Lesbian? answers the essential questions, pokes fun at the lesbian tradition, and provides a road map of where lesbians are heading for the millennium [we’ve got new for you: it’s not Kanas].

Source: Summary of the book