Book Review: The Myopic Years

Title:        The Myopic Years
Author:   Poppy Pachinko
Call No.:  PAC

Review: The Myopic Years traces the early life of a girl growing up in the Singaporean school system and finding herself confronted with various challenges along the way. The story begins from her primary school days and graduates subsequently into her secondary school life. The introduction of her love interest, Hannah, at this point disturbs the hitherto comfortable chronological progression and the inserted flashbacks serve to add a note of poignancy to the unfolding events. In the meantime, dramatic classroom face-offs, friction between teacher and student, gossip sessions in the canteen all contribute to colouring in the charming reality of these schooling days. Finally, the advancement into Junior College poses a daunting yet exciting spectre of a future not yet perceivable, not yet determinate. The end offers a resolution for past events which allows, perhaps, for the narrator to better embrace the open question of her future.
Source: Summary  of the book