CANCELLED – Film Screening: Eye on Taiwan – The Rainbow Path

update – 12/01/11

Unfortunately, our email to MDA has just been bounced back by the server.

We have resent the email but because we are unsure when MDA will respond to us, we have decided to cancel the screening instead of wasting everyone’s precious Saturday afternoon.

So sorry for the inconvenience caused.


update – 11/01/11

Pelangi Pride Centre has received an email from the Media Development Authority (MDA) to request for the film to be sent for classification by the Board of Film Censors (BFC).

We have clarified that this is a private screening.

In the event that we are only to screen classified films, this Saturday’s (15/01/11) screening will be canceled.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.


PPC presents

Eye on Taiwan – The Rainbow Path by Discovery Channel

* note the film is in Mandarin. There is NO English subtitles.

Date: 15 January 2011 (Sat)

Time: 4.15pm

Venue: Pelangi Pride Centre

Cost per person: $8 (cost of 2 soft drinks and finger food)

RSVP: This event is by invitation only. As there are LIMITED seats, prior registration is required.

To get an invitation – please email [pelangipridecentre at yahoo dot com] with your name (in full), contact number, the name/s of your guests.

About the film:

In the early days, the Taiwanese have a mostly negative image of the gay community. Now, Taiwan hosts the largest Pride Parade in Asia each year,and among the mostly conservative Asian countries is considered most accepting towards gay people. However, there are still pressures and challenges for the gay people. A group of gay activists are working towards legalizing homosexual marriage in Taiwan and achieving equal rights for the gay people. What kind of challenges do they encounter on the Rainbow Path? Is Taiwan ready to accept the changes?

In this episode of Eye on Taiwan series, Discovery Channel explores the gay movement in Taiwan in recent years. In 2006, the “Gender Equity Education Act” and in 2007,the “Gender Equity Employment Act” was passed,thus ensuring some basic legal protection for the sexual minorities. Some gay people, having won over their parents’ acceptance, are fighting for greater acceptance from the society. It is a tough journey, but these people have chosen to fight on on the Rainbow Path.

聚焦台湾: 彩虹大道