Singapore-centric LGBTQ+ Support Groups List

Young Folks

Inter-Uni LGBT Network

Network of student groups in Singapore universities that aim to foster safer and more inclusive school communities.


Formed by a group of transgender professionals that provides peer support services for transgender youths in Singapore.

Young Out Here

A youth support group in Singapore for those questioning their sexuality.


Aces Going Places

A LGBTQ-friendly sharing space for asexuals in Singapore.


A Singapore based minority-focused LGBTQ+ community group looking to provide a platform and raise awareness.

LGBTQ portal for Asians.


Collaborates with queer and allied communities to showcase a vibrant and diverse queer world in Singapore.

MadTeaPartySg (inactive)

Mailing group that discusses issues that affect the GLBTQ community.

Mental ACT

Provides mental health services for the South Asian community in Singapore

One Queer Cher

Platform that aims to raise awareness for educators and students on LGBTQ supportive materials, news and stories in Singapore.


The only LGBTQ-affirming registered and non-profit counseling and support agency operating since 1999.

Out in SG

Organises sporting activities and adventures for likeminded and openminded locals to take part in.

Proud Parents SG

An inclusive online resource group run by queer parents to help others in their path to parenthood.

Queer Books & Movie Club (Singapore)

A monthly gathering that discuss a voted LGBTQ book or movie of the month, and archive their discussions.

SAFE Singapore

Supporting And Empowering our LGBTQ friends and family – This group aims to provide a safe space for families and friends of gay persons to seek support, care and friendship.

Signel (inactive)

Mailing list that discusses gay issues in Singapore and overseas. Is also the People Like Us (PLU) mailing list.

The Purple Alliance

Provides a platform for LGBTQA individuals to share their stories and support research concerning LGBTQA issues in Singapore



Women-led group that regularly organise sports and adventurous activities for women.


Commercial event that hosts women’s parties.


Singapore’s largest queer women’s moderated mailing list for issues and general information. Celebrated its 20th year anniversary in 2018.


A volunteer-run organisation working to uphold human rights protections for queer women, including lesbian, bisexual and transgender women, through research, advocacy and events.

Two Queens Asia

Commercial event that hosts women’s parties.

Women’s Nite (inactive)

Free event run every last Saturday of the month. WN provides an avenue for women to discuss issues through workshops, talks and so on.

Women’s Xchange

An LBTQ women-centric group that focuses on connecting like-minded women and building a better LBTQ community.


An unique entity in AfA dedicated to improving the sexual health and services to Gay/Bi/MSM community through advocacy and empowerment.


A non-profit social organisation for gay, bisexual, queer men aged 18-35 years old in Asia through organising social events and gatherings.

The Bear Project

A gay community blogsite where bears, cubs, Gmen and other stocky and big-sized guys hang out, exchange ideas and mingle.

Commercial site with articles and resources for gay Asian males.


Leona Lo

Personal twitter of Singaporean transsexual, author and entrepreneur.

Project X

A organization providing social, emotional, and health support to sex workers in Singapore since 2008.

Sgbutterfly (inactive)

Singapore’s first transgendered online community. Portal has articles as well as monthly gatherings.

Sggurls (inactive)

A LGBT friendly group that welcomes those who are cd (cross dresser), transvestite (cds on hormones), transsexuals (M2F, F2M) in Singapore or abroad.

The T Project

Singapore’s first social service for the transgender community with various outreach and advocacy programs.


A web resource site for the transgender community including information on transitioning, finding jobs, healthcare, and more.

Local Media

Dear Straight People

An online LGBTQ publication that shares stories from the community, and collaborate with groups to raise awareness of hard issues in a positive manner.

Knotty Talk

A not-for-profit podcast having honest conversations about the not so straight things in life while in Singapore.


A meetup and support platform for the LGBTQ community to receive local events and group recommendations, and get support from resources, experts and helplines.


An LGBTQ+ podcast produced by and for the LGBTIQ local community to inform, entertain, uplift and empower people.

The SG Boys

Calling themselves the little gay podcast from Singapore, they discuss topics under the sun and invite others in the LGBTQ community to share their mic and platform with.


Free Community Church

Singapore’s only LGBTQ-inclusive Church with cell groups and regular Sunday Service.


Part of Free Community Church, FCCwomen’ activities focus on women’ issues within the church. They also gather regularly to study scripture as well as hold talks, for fellowship and support.


Gay Buddhist Fellowship based in Singapore.


A Queer Muslim peer support and resource collective with the aim to help others achieve self-growth.

The Healing Circle SG

Providing a safe space for LGBTQ Malay Muslims to navigate and embrace both their sexual orientation and spirituality. 

Other Resources

American Psychological Association LGBTQ ePamphlets

Answers from APA on questions about sexual orientation and homosexuality.

MaNaDr Clinic

A GP clinic in Singapore offering affirming and inclusive healthcare services such as sexual health counselling, PrEP services, gender care and more for the LGBTQ+ community.


Parents, Families and Friends of Lesbians and Gays (PFLAG) provides opportunities for dialogue about sexual orientation and gender identity, and acts to create a society that is healthy and respectful of human diversity.

The Singapore LGBT Encyclopaedia Wiki

A wiki aiming to chronicle and share information about Singapore’s LGBTQ history and culture.