Review – ‘Sexual Minority Trauma & Healing’

On 4th June 2022, Pelangi Pride Centre hosted its first event since 2017, with the first session in a series of mental health talks. Presented by Maha Y. See, (PsyD in Clinical Psychology) with more than a decade of experience in the mental health field since 2006, he shared with an attentive audience his knowledge on different types of trauma and healing encountered by sexual minority groups specifically.

Various questions and insights were also shared by the audience during the Q&A segment, and Dr Maha helpfully answered them.

An audience member shared the following about their experience.

Favorite moment: “The introduction and in-depth explanation to the types of trauma that one can experience. The importance of having a support system that affirms one’s sexuality as part of your identity, Compassion w/o Empathy vs. Compassion w/ Empathy. The introduction to different Trauma Responses and Healing.”

Key takeaway: “My takeaway from the talk is that the queer community in SG, more than anything, has to stick together… That despite the opposing forces, we will have to weather the storm and stay strong through thick and thin.”

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