RSVP for Aging Forward: An Exchange of Experiences and Ideas

What are the psychosocial and practical issues that older Gay, Bi and Queer Men (GBQM) and Lesbian, Bi and Queer Women (LBQW) experience in Singapore? How can we age forward with comfort, dignity and pride? Join us to have an exchange of experiences and ideas across generations, sex, gender, and sexual orientation.

📆 Date: 27 January 2024 (Saturday)
🕰 Time: 3 – 5pm
📍 Venue: Pelangi Pride Centre
👥 Panelists: Charles Ho (Peer facilitator), Chuanfei Chin, Eileena Lee and Nicole Tang (Counsellors), Maha See (Clinical psychologist)

As part the ‘Aging Forward’ initiative, our distinguished panelists have conducted psychoeducation groups for GBQM for the past year.

We’re delighted to begin a psychoeducation group dedicated to LBQW. Additionally, we aim to introduce similar support sessions for mature trans community members and for young adults in their 30s.

These gatherings, facilitated by mental health and social services professionals, and peers, aspire to offer a nurturing space for discussions, personal development, and mutual encouragement.


(1) This session is not a support group or therapy session.

(2) This session does not aim to provide formal training, but to facilitate a discussion and brainstorming of ideas for all participants.