Saturday, 13 June 09: Screening – Coming Out, Coming Home

13 of June 2009 @ PELANGI PRIDE CENTRE

Pelangi Pride Centre presents – “Coming Out, Coming Home”

Details at a Glance
Date: 13 June 2009 (Sat)
Time: 4pm
Venue: Pelangi Pride Centre

Cost per person: $6 (cost of 2 soft drinks and finger food)
RSVP: This event is by invitation only.
As there are LIMITED seats, prior registration is required.
For an invite – please email [pelangipridecentre at yahoo dot com] with your name (in full), contact number, the name/s of your guests.

Note: Thanks to Miak for making this event possible!

Coming Out, Coming Home

Asian & Pacific Islander Family Stories, a 44-minute color video featuring interviews of one Filipino and three Chinese families and a dialogue among parents of these gay children. Speaking in English, the families talk about shame, grief, love, growth, the importance of family and how they handled their conflicts around homosexuality.